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The Power of Global GPU Resources with a Single Click

Decentralized Clusters

Deploy on a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network. DePIN*

Cluster Deployment

Frictionless Cluster Deployment for your ML Workloads

Out Of The Box

Pre Configured Deployment of your Favorite ML Stacks

Instant Payment on Solana

Unlock compute in seconds with Solana Pay

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On-demand GPU Access

Instant and Permissionless access to the internet of GPUs with Industry Breaking Prices

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Than Major Competitors

Turn your GPU into a money-making machine with IO.NET

Global GPU Access

We Provide GPU access worldwide across +138 countries

Best in class chips

We offer the best selection of Optimal AI processors

Processor Flexibility

We Provide flexible and scalable clusters with auto scaling as your user base grows

Sustainable, Yet Powerful

Through our green committed Data Center partners, We provide Sustainable GPU options

Ultra Security

Security compliance with SOC2/HIPAA or end-to-End Encryption


SolanaAptosRender Network

Put your GPU to work
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Turn your GPU into a money-making machine with io.net

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Skyrocketing profits on your infrastructure

Earn unprecedented profits on your GPUs and CPUs

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High utilization rates

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Every Network Needs A Great Explorer

Global infrastructure

A massive grid of GPUs accross 138+ countries

Supply Reputation Score


Reputation Score

Track transparent supply and partner reputation and uptime scores

Premium Suppliers

A Selection of verified and Trusted Suppliers

Chip Ranking

Keep Track of best performing Processors across the network

On Chain Inferences

On chain record of every inference on io.net powered models.