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Cloud 2.0

Data & Security

Payment & Billing is a decentralized GPU network designed to give unlimited computing power to ML applications. We make computing more scalable, accessible, and efficient. Our mission is to unlock fair access to computing power by assembling 1 million + GPUs from independent data centers, crypto miners, and crypto projects such as Filecoin or Render. offers a fundamentally different approach to cloud computing, leveraging a distributed and decentralized model, which can provide more control and flexibility to users, our services are permissionless and cost efficient. The combination of all these factors sets in its own league of Decentralized providers.

DePIN, or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, leverages blockchains, IoT and the greater Web3 ecosystem to create, operate and maintain real-world physical infrastructure. These networks leverage token incentives to coordinate, reward and safeguard members of the network. is the first and only GPU DePIN. We are optimized for machine learning but suitable for all GPU use cases as we connect computing power providers with users to offer accessibility and profit for everyone involved.

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