Network Cloud is a state-of-the-art decentralized computing network

that allows machine learning engineers to access scalable distributed clusters at a small fraction of the cost of comparable centralized services. Cloud is significantly better, faster

and cheaper than any other option on the market

Better Users have unlimited flexibility to

choose from the world's best GPUs and



Unlike AWS, which can often takes weeks to deploy, users can access the network in a matter of seconds


With outstanding affordability and high cost efficiency, can be up to 90% cheaper than the competition is the only solution that can parallelize ML workloads between GPU nodes distributed across the planet with the ability to create “super clusters” of 100K, 500K and even 1 million GPUs

Our Mission

Putting together one million GPUs in a DePIN - decentralized physical infrastructure network.

Before June 2022 was exclusively devoted to developing institutional-grade quantitative trading systems for both the United States stock market and the cryptocurrency markets.

Our primary challenge was constructing the infrastructure necessary to accommodate a robust backend trading system with significant computational power.

Compute Shortage

Facing the limitations of traditional computing providers first hand, we got deeper into the world of Distributed Computing and crafting our own solution to the shortage of computing power.

This pursuit ultimately led to the solution of decentralized clusters within a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network).

Such an infrastructure requires a team of MLOps and DevOps. However, Ray's discovery accelerated our backend development from over six months to under 60 days.

As we integrated Ray and Deployed our GPU clusters, the obstacle of high GPU costs from on-demand cloud providers emerged.

Pricey Compute Power

For instance, the high cost of an NVIDIA A100 card at over $80 per day per card presented a major obstacle.

We required 50+ cards monthly,  resulting in an expense of over  $100K. This financial challenge was significant for us, same as it is for other ML startups.

Igniting a DePIN Revolution

Despite these high costs, AI compute requirements have been growing tenfold every 18 months. OpenAI's rental of over 300K CPUs and 10K GPUs for GPT-3 training marks just the beginning of this compute-intensive era.

Out of necessity, emerged. A vision born of urgency, we set forth the DePIN revolution. embraces the future, where computational power knows no limits.

Your Needs, Our Focus

Our users satisfaction drives our every action and decision,

making your success our ultimate goals

Ease of Use

With our UX/UI, We place a premium on user



Fortified Security isn't just a feature, it's a commitment

Fast Payments

Streamlined payment system and enables users to be paid in crypto